someone or something that you are not allowed to do/play with/ use.
a.) a taken boy/man
b.) your boyfriends brother/close family member
c.) your own family member (incest the game your whole family should stay away from... one word-EWW!)
d.) animals (Gross
e.) someone else's toys
by Fae December 19, 2004
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forbidden to be patronized, frequented, used, met, etc., by certain persons
Monik is not off limits.
by tp2 December 17, 2007
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Facebook creepin on your friends girl. Although it seems to be a bad thing to do, as long as your simply scanning the pictures for reference. Its all about the knowledge, think about it, its for the children.
If shes an 8 or above, the creepin is allowable, but anything less, creep on someone else man
by The almighty 69er July 3, 2011
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To do something in complete and utter excess. Derived from the way in which a vehicles RPM tachmeter is said to "bounce" when the engine hits its rev-limiter.
dude can you get some butter from the dairy, and fucking bounce it off the limiter; I'm hungry.
by Dean Clarke November 9, 2008
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