a women that rides the dick untill u cum tighten up and milked the cock
that bitch milked me for ever last drop
by killa bs November 3, 2006
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When a smoking device is filled enough with smoke to where it looks like it is filled with milk.
That shits completely milked.
by shooshie kraus October 7, 2007
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to be drained of money, bought something too expensive.
Joe: How much you buy that game?
Bob: $100
Joe: You got milked
Bob: Thanks
by eric jin May 2, 2005
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Jersey slang for When you aggressively rub down someone’s head to their neck
Yoo Boul just milked em
by Jersey Boul Geeked June 7, 2021
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When your opponent in New Super Mario Bros Ds Multiplayer ground pounds you and takes your stars.
Player 1: I got 3 stars!
Player 2: *groundpounds player 1*
Player 1: Fuck! you just milked me!
by DjSn3s December 1, 2022
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when you hit a bong so hard and so long, that the inside of the bong is white with smoke. and it looks like its full of milk
MAN, i just fucking milked that shit!
by eggsmgee September 23, 2008
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Something my dad is still looking for to this day.
David- Where’s your dad?
Johnny- Oh, um... he’s b-buying milk right now
David- Really? My dad is too.
Johnny- Do you want me to get the ice cream?
David- Y-yeah.
by no, luv❤️ April 27, 2020
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