Oy! Can I get a bird bird?
These birds are nice, but I could really use a bird bird.
by red.bird April 18, 2007
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Version of the "Birds and the Bees" sex talk that parents give children. Previously taboo, more and more parents feel the need to educate their children on not just when a man loves a woman, but when a man loves a man, and a woman loves a woman.

The Birds and the Birds would be two lesbians, as bird is also a slang term in 60's Britain for a woman. Also, a bee, because of its stinger (typifying a penis), would be a gay man.

See also "The Bees and the Bees."
In today's modern society, it is important that your son know not only about "The Birds and the Bees," but also about "The Birds and the Birds."
by AmbroseChapel March 14, 2011
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Another term for penis.
A commonly used term from Singaporean parents during parenting of young children.
A term to help parents and children aged 1-7 easily communicate with each other
Did your friend kick your bird-bird?
by Xiao Ming October 20, 2018
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1: To catch a case or to be convicted of a crime.

2: To murder, shank, or jump
1: You heard? Terry got birded by the feds.

2: Fam, you got birded? By who? You good??
by Mandem609 April 11, 2021
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British slang meaning girl. Like the American chick.
Man: I was talkin to that bird just the other day.
by Ja Jackson July 22, 2005
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Birds are a myth made by the government to spy on us with drones
"Hey have y'all heard of this thing called dodge coi-"
"Fucking shut up there's birds over there!"
"There drones! They're in the fucking trees man!
by Carelessfeline September 12, 2019
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