OMC is the sacred dialogue of the cherished Church of Chrolloism.
Chrolloism is a religion of incredible depth, followed by dedicated Chrolloists. We do not have a god. In Chrolloism, we honor our Lord and savior Chrollo, who is so incredibly talented that he is also the head of the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo is worshiped by all of his beloved Chrolloists as a hot ass motherfucker🙏 and we say OMC instead of OMG to honor our lord and savior.
Person 1: Look at that hot dude!
Person 2: Oh my Chrollo, no he's not. He looks like Tonpa.
Person 1: Omc, no he does not.
Person 2: Your right, he looks more like Netero.
by ScrunchieWaterBottle February 25, 2022
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"Oh My Chuck"

Used by fans of the show "Supernatural" as an alternative way of saying "Oh My God" since Chuck the prophet is actually God.
A: Do you like my new shirt?

B: OMC, I love it!
by ClaireK February 2, 2014
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Original Male Character
Used in fanfiction when an original character is inserted into an already existing set of characters/fandom. Often shunned due to fear of Gary Stus, hence it is given as a warning.
See also: OFC
Pairing: Buffy/OMC
I'm terrified to use my OMC because some might think of him as a Gary Stu.
by silly_walk January 21, 2005
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“bro stop lying..” “g I’m not lying bro I put that omc
by mrbagabetch June 9, 2022
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OMC is spreading like wildfire across the US and the rest of the world. It's now the dominant COVID-19 variant.
by Nas Nasir December 21, 2021
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oh my communism --> used instead of God as religion is not okay in the communist utopia. Idiy rabotay suka now.
OMC they really seized the means of production!

OMC Vlad managed to finally destroy the bourgeoisie today!

OMC Stalin is so fit.
by LeninIsMyHusband March 19, 2018
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Oh My Cher, instead of Oh My God (OMG). The phrase is popular in the gay community, whom stereotypically are obsessed with the famous singer Cher.
OMC, that is insane!
by Matthew Weyer August 9, 2005
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