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Military slang for "the person who takes charge and gets shit done."
This person is not necessarily the highest ranking in the group.
You come upon a bunch of people standing around a vehicle with a flat tire, smoking and joking. You notice there is a leadership vacuum - no one is taking charge, so you ask, "Who is fucking the chicken here? Where's the chicken fucker?" in such a way that inspires the most ambitious and motivated person to step forward into a strong leadership role.
by Bulldog 6 October 15, 2013
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term commonly used by law enforcement agents to describe a person caught speeding
i can say meow
i can say moo
hell for 20 bucks i'll call the guy a chicken fucker
license and registration, chicken fucker
by officer rod farva September 17, 2004
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1. A dumbass, jackass, idiot and a moron.

2. Someone who loves to fuck chickens.

Frequently used and mastered by the policemen in the movie Super Troopers.

Often used by the BEST computer Sales Team here in the U.S.
by Jack January 06, 2005
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what rod farva says in super troopers.i think he tried to crank up the meow game to the next level as he calls the others crazy for playing that game. this all happends while he is riding with thorny
what game we playen

what no games

dont bull shit me

lets play one of those games i keep hearin about

ya know mac and foster did that thang with that thang with who can say pussy the most

actually mac bet foster he couldnt say meow 10 time

who can say meow the most

to the driver, i realize that dosent sound a funny as it sounds

you guys are real crazy, hey look out for these guys

i can say meow, i can say moo, for twenty buck ill call the guy a chicken fucker
by Satish Shanthakumar November 06, 2007
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someone who participates in and enjoys the act of analy intruding a chicken.
Scott Anderson is such a chicken fucker.
by chris scheetz September 24, 2003
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A great two-barrelled insult. Not only does it imply the "chicken fucker" is into beastiality, but it also implies they have a small penis!
Kevin: "Steve you sheep shagger!"
Steven: "Sheep shagger?! You chicken fucker!...
You fuck chickens because their cunts feel nice and loose to you!"
by snoringsquid October 19, 2005
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