To start something. Derived from the method of starting an old-timey car that literally had to be "cranked up" before it could be run.
Make sure the pool isn't too cold before I bother to crank up the heater.
by Metatag July 31, 2005
To crank something up means to increase it or make it more intense
The kids crank up the volume on the stereo.
The pressure to succeed in school has been cranked up a notch.
by Vicky0 December 3, 2020
god i’m really starting to crank up”
by YESladssss384 July 21, 2021
something that becomes really, really shitty over time
Person 1: there's a new sequel coming out for (insert shitty movie) today!
Person 2: oh man i can't wait to see how far they crank up the diarrhea dial this time!
by the elusive bank-teller November 22, 2013
The process of trying to get and old, tired dick ready for battle. A rallying cry for boaters.
It had been so long since I ducked, but with a willing spirit, I attempted to crank up the old Evinrude.
by Pompatus of Love September 4, 2016
• An expression used to elicit excitement.
• Requesting an assistant to try a machine for operation.
• requesting for a controller of some device be operated in a manner to elevate the output.
• "Ok, I've replaced the flux capacitor, that should go now crank it up!"

• "sweet brah! Dis Ma favourite tune!! Crank it uuuuup!!
by Wade the rubber spade September 9, 2016