A comedy about a group of inept highway troopers, from the comedy team Broken Lizard. It stars Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan, and Eric Stolhanske.
by anonymous May 24, 2004
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A comedy involving crazy state troopers who take there job not seriously enough. But it IS funny as hell and I recommend everyone to see it.
Unit 91: Come in radio
Radio: Don't call me "radio" unit 91
Unit 91: Then don't call me unit 91 "radio"
Unit 91: We have a suspicious vehicle, license plate: tijuana, niner, fiver, zero
Radio: Roger, checking...Unit 91 that license plate belongs to a local sperburry police vehicle
Unit 91: It does?! OH MY GOD!!!

Hey Farva! what's the name of that resteraunt you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzerella sticks?
You mean shenanegans????

Say car ramrad, say car ramrod

...and that was the second time i got crabs

if you were my wife, i would massage your feet every night until you fell asleep

hell, give me 20 bucks and i'll call them chickenfuckers.
by team ramrod December 31, 2005
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(note the caps)
if you have not seen this movie you will not have lived a fullfilled life.
'sue me sue me'
'the snozzberries taste like snozzberries'
'your freaking out... MAN'
by April August 4, 2004
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One of the funniest movies made by broken lizard productions.Vermont highway patrol does this far'fetched crazy shit
super troopers lines
guy2:"what if you owned the beach."
guy1:" You dont own the beach man."
guy2:"like if you own the beach do you own like the sand and the water?"
guy3(taking a hit of weed):"no man nobody ownes the water its,its gods water"
guy3:"What if a naked girl breaks her leg on your beach,she can sue mee...SUE ME SUE ME!"
(guy3 eats $100 of weed and $30 worth of shrooms)
(they get pulled over by highway patrol)
Thorny:"license and registration"
guy1:"officer i..."
Thorny:"licesnse and registration please"
(guy1 hands thorny the license and registration)
Thorny:"you know how fast you were going"
Rabbit:"how fast you were going"
guy1:"but officer isnt the speed limit sixty-five?"
Thorny:"Yeah... it is"
guy3(tripping):" candybars"
Thorny:" you boys know why i pulled you over,littering"
(showing them the bag of weed they threw out the window)
by raidermac2010 July 11, 2008
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the best movie EVER created in the whole history of the whole fucking earth!
"whatd u do 2day man?"
"watched super troopers!!! 11 times!"
"dude ur so f-ing lucky!"
by uhhhMARISSA October 2, 2005
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Fantastic movie!!!!! One of the greatest you will ever see!!!! EXCELLENT!!! HALRIOUS!!! TERRIFIC!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the opening with those stoners
Super troopers:
After three guys smoke weed in their car and discuss owning a beach resort. Officers pull them over;

Officer approaches car: Liscense and registration
Guy1: Officer I know that-
Officer: Lisence and registration please
*guy gives him the liscense*
Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?
Guy: s..s..sixty five?
Officer: Sixty three
Guy: Officer isnt the speed limit sixty five?
Officer: Yeah. It is. *pause* Where are you boys headed?
Guy:... Canada, we are going over the border for some burgers and gravy sir. Protein.
Officer: Canda huh? Almost made it.
*Third guy in the back mades a fanny sound. Officer looks at him and turns back to guy number 1*
Officer: Are you ok?
Guy: Yeah, sure.
Officer: Yes sir?
Guy: Yes sir.
Officer: But did you say 'yes sir'?
Second officer: I think he said 'yeah, sure'
Guy: Well I said yeah sure (mumbles) what-I- I literally what I said was 'yeah sure', sir.
Officer: So you are okay then right?
Guy:: *in a fearful voice* Yes sir.
by officer farva April 28, 2007
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When you get pulled over by the police and you eat all of your drugs
Hey, I just super troopered all of my drugs. Come get me.
by yeahkenzie March 10, 2020
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