A guy who is humble, down-to-earth, open and honest, easy to get along with, and generally well-versed about all the usual things people do. Someone who isn't power-hungry, arrogant, super competitive, insecure, or egotistical. A guy you'd want to have a conversation with about things like sports, fishing, camping, hard work, relationships, home repair, music, cars, movies, power tools, etc. A guy who will never embarrass you or cause problems socially and has nothing to prove.
Rodney Dangerfield's character in Caddyshack is rich and wild and probably hasn't picked up a drill in years, but he's still a regular guy. Same with Jackie Mason's character in Caddyshack 2!

You can talk to John about anything, he's a regular guy and won't judge you or talk shit.

Call John when we go shoot off fireworks--he'll love it, he's a regular guy like us!
by DGarb August 18, 2012
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