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Hardcore retard, behavior or thought that is so stupid the ordinary retards can only stare in awe. Stupidity so massive there are no words to describe it.
G.W. Bush is hcrt. Hillary Clinton is going hcrt, will Obama be next? Super Delegates who weren't elected by the rank and file have the same vote as a regular delegate. What kind of hcrt thinking is that?
by benthere March 27, 2008
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He's as tuff as he looks he uses ass-weasels. When Dickie saw the stuffed ass-weasel behind the bar he turned arround and walked out. In the struggled between gay and ass-weasel the ass-weasel has be known to win.
by benthere March 8, 2008
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An ebay seller who sends wrong mechandise that is only good for wipping your ass with and acts like an ass-wipe when you want him to set things right. An ebay ripp off artist.
The listing said it was ddr1 Mr Whipple sent ddr2,I can't use it and he won't exchange it. When I asked for a refund because it was his mistake, he turned into a real ass-wipe seller. The conceret T shirt was supposed to be in mint condition, the only thing that rag is good for is wipping your ass , and the ass-wipe seller said all sales are final.
by benthere March 8, 2008
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An expensive but very effective means of HIV prevention, like a trunk monkey only better.
Thanks to my butt-weasel I'm not scared of prison shower rooms anymore. The Butt-weasel don't leave home without it. Sure the butt-weasel is expensive but, what's your ass worth?
by benthere March 11, 2008
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When a hunter comes back empty handed. The hunting isn't always for animals, and can mean an effort that didn't pay off. A big waste of time and effort.
How were your garage sales? They were a walk in the woods. I took a walk in the woods on the deal.
by benthere March 27, 2008
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office drones who at one time may have been men,but now think and act like women. these girls use all the office tricks of real women, fake friendliness, fake niceness,back stabbing,gossip,and rumor. good luck to a regular guy who steps on one of these bitches toes. instead of confronting the offender they smile while waiting for a chance to stick in a knife often the offender dosen't even know that he did something wrong. a chicks main weapons are rumor and gossip, she will say that someone did something implying that the someone is her target, but never really naming him. her target is in a can't win situation if he ignores the rumor then it's true,if he conforts the chick she denies it and the target is now a bully, and a brute. the only real hope the target has is someone higher up than the chick for his own reasons tells the chick to shut up or get bitch slapped.the chick will then denie any knowledge of the affair and knowing that she's being watched leave her victum alone for now.
i saw a bunch of chicks with dicks going to lunch at the center looked like a girls night out. jon was ok until i told him we couldn't do it his way i thought he would scratch my eyes out. bob was let go, too bad he was the only one who wasn't a chick with a dick. i turned down the job too many chicks with dicks in that place.
by benthere March 3, 2008
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A place that was so scuzzy that Omaha bought all the land to get rid of it. The current population of east omaha lives at the open door mission, state pen, the state juvenile pen, and bum camps in the woods. So the quality of the people hasn't changed much. East omaha was so rank that the ghetto looked down on it. The only time blacks came down was to the dump or the junkyards and only in daylight. A good place to get out of, and put behind you.
Black you can't know what it's like to be poor. White I grew up in east omaha. Black you poor bastard. In east omaha the dump rats were so big they used them as junkyard dogs. Whats the nicest thing you can say about some one from east omaha? They're dead. They had hogs in east omaha but it wasn't fit for pigs so they moved them out.
by benthere March 11, 2008
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