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by CumSlayer March 15, 2022
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a think does to get away from a event they don't want to go to, THEY WILL TELL you "Sorry but I can't rn, im having my period" while in females have the power to turn off their period

we allowing them to lie
p1 Wanna go TO A BALL GAME
P2 SORRY, I can't. im having my period
p1 I spent 20k for 2 tickets, if you didn't want to go say sol next time
p2 Wait... no
by CumSlayer April 27, 2022
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Used when a game made by Activision has a stupid game breaking bug

Activision is a bunch of dick bags that don't care who others feel but only care that their are making money because they could care less oh who their game is doing but how our wastes are doing have speeding 500 dollars oh another skin that was just copied and pasted the same pattern other and other again and called it a skin.

Not sure if you could tell but I hate them
Activision; Makes a gun that kills in 2 shots being a ttk of 0.5 seconds
Me; "Oh my gawd, thats such a Activision moment"
by CumSlayer February 22, 2022
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Q and A Mark otherwise known as a Question Mark "?"

Q "meaning Question"
And: I don't know how to explain it... heres this thought

A meaning" Answer"
Mark "should be obvious"

can be used it many ways, but one way is when someone is saying something dumb, just say Q and A Mark and they will awkwardly stare at you wornding what the fuk you just said to them.
P1: Have you heard the hitler was a good guy, and did the right thing?
You: Da fuK???
P1: YA, he helped the world?
You: Q and A Mark
P1: Wat? what does that mean
You: Something
P1: Ummmmm... okay then
You: ...
"you have successful made them stop talking at the cost of awkward silence
by CumSlayer February 18, 2022
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Mainly used in video games

Its a easy way to make the opposing team hate you
P1: That was EZ
P2: Fuck You. No one asked
by CumSlayer February 22, 2022
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