a preoperative transsexual
Judy is a pre-op, she's scheduled for surgery next month.
by TBonz August 19, 2003
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Someone who is new to Repo! The Genetic Opera and its accompanying cast.(Mainly used by shadow cast groups)

Similar to the idea of "virgins" at Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings.
Person 1: Hey, who's the pre-op?
Person 2: This is Joe. He's never seen Repo! or a shadow cast before
by no-onespecial December 9, 2011
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A male to female transvestite, who has had all the alterations possible with the exception of removal/reversal of the penis and testicles. Pre-op Trannies often keep these male parts in order to maximize their opportunities in the sex-trade industry.
Many Pre-op Trannies turn to the sex trade, because they find it difficult to be accepted in mainstream society. She is a beautiful Pre-op Tranny, she's probably very successful in her trade.
by Anonymousie... April 1, 2015
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Gay Pre-op Trany born gender neutral but with parts both upstairs & downstairs... a little bit of both if you will. Some parts nipped, some parts tucked. If you drink enough alcohol you won't know what your dealing with or what goes where.
"I Toats hooked up with that pre-op MTF last night but I don't know who banged who & I'm a little sore on the backside"
by Sinners Like Me November 26, 2020
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