The most potent beverage known to man. A single can of Dr. Chek can quench the thirst of an entire army... of elephants! not to mention get all of them completely intoxicated. It is 800% alcohol by volume.
Bryan: Dude, i'm still wasted from last week when i drank that Dr. Chek
Spenser: It aint no bitch drink
by allyourbase1081 September 21, 2007
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See check out time for real definitions, not incoherent ones.
Learn to spell, cock-polisher!
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
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Originated from Cantonese, refer to someone who talks and talks, but never try to accomplish to what he talks. The apparent meaning means "big guy Mr Kwong", but "Kwong" also means talk in Cantonese. (YY)
A: John said he is participating the Marathon next month!
B: Nah! Impossible! He is just a dai chek kwong.

A: Look, I'm gonna pick up that girl next to the bar table.
B: Go ahead, don't be a dai check kwong.
by bjkingkong May 07, 2014
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A clownlike tweaker you'd see on a kid's show. His myspace page online only consists of ghetto terminology, which he uses to cover up being a child molester. Constantly puts off larger tasks, like mass child molesting, to the next day because he always has a number of small tasks everyday. Uses the name "Bounce Chek" because he's poor and spends all his money on crystal meth.
MC Bounce Chek: "Hi kids! Today's word is speed. Does everybody know what speed is?"

Kids: "Yes!"

MC Bounce Chek: "What does it mean? Let's ask this young kid. He's a cutie."

Little Boy: "It's when my mommy and daddy are driving really fast down the road."

MC Bounce Chek: "Incorrect! It's a drug."

Little Boy: "Drugs are bad!"

MC Bounce Chek: "Speed is a good drug. You know the kind of drugs that make you better? You can even bounce around the room when you take speed. Say, little boy would you like to come bounce around in my room?"

Little Boy: "Okay. Bouncing is fun!"

MC Bounce Chek: (speaks with excitement) "Okay, well finish tomorrow! I have other tasks to do right now. But we'll bounce around for 3 days once I get to it."
by Mcchrispeepants May 02, 2006
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wen u bin clubbin all nite an u now leavin wit a biatch hopin 2 lay er!
oh itz 3am

itz chek out tym den
by tupac luva October 27, 2003
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Break the letters down into their respective numbers and if they show up, it’s like in chess or poker when you call.

It’s saying your move and you can go forward.

11 (k), 3 (C), 8 (H), 5 (E)
“I am not sure if I should try harder or give up.”
Chek! You’re good to go on.”
by pill wonder May 05, 2018
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