i quenched and it made an awful sound i was so embarrassed i farted and shit myself and cried and hid under the bed
by boyznberry June 3, 2003
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Possibly the most successful YE company ever to have graced the earth
We'll quash your qualms with quench
by poorit February 4, 2004
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When a hoe is no longer thirsty because she has gotten the dick.
Hey Christina are you thirsty?
Nah Maleeka I'm quite quenched thanks
by hoeseidon May 16, 2016
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When you are quenched, you have just fulfilled your thirst. There are lots of people that are quenched, but they don’t realize it. Being quenched is very easy to do and people need to know when they are actually quenched. After you drink something, always say IM QUENCHED.
me: *drinks water*
you: dang are you quenched?
me: i’m so quenched man
by imugly6969 June 11, 2018
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(q-wen-ch-ed) someone who has successfully dried off after being wet (turned on - wet / the act of being turned off)
After looking at the stripper I turn to my ex and I am quenched.
by bluewhale & curly fry July 7, 2017
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