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She. She's lovely and one of a kind. You'll regret the day you lost her and she'll never leave your mind no matter how hard you try. Her laugh is infectious and her smile lights up a room. A goddess. She's funny and she never disappoints. If you get ahold of Spenser, never let her go. She'll be the best decision you ever made. She has a great ass and everyone wants her. She's a total badass. Don't fuck things up with Spenser
Who likes Spenser?
by The luckiest mf January 02, 2013
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The most genuine, sweet, caring, funny and easy-going guy that one will ever meet. Spenser can make friends with strangers and have them rolling on the ground in laughter. A man who is sensitive to one's feelings but a real badass manly man otherwise. Someone who is well endowed and knows how to put it down. Also, the sexiest one women man in the world. People always want to be around Spenser whether it's be for his humor, laid back attitude, sex appeal, or just a good time.
Friend 1: What should we do tonight?

Friend 2: Let's see what Spenser is doing.

Friend 1: GREAT IDEA!!!!
by his1andonly February 03, 2010
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The greatest person i have ever always putting a smile on my face on my worst days. just hearing his laugh makes me so happy...ive known him forever and still get butterflies when im around him i hope i can be with him forever hes the first guy ive ever loved and hes so awesome...
by kari September 08, 2004
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a sweet loving person who will take care of you when you are sick. someone who loves you unconditionally. they will never judge you when you make a mistake, but help you get through it. someone who will stand up to their own family to protect you. all they want to do is make you happy. give everything they possibly can. put you before anything else in their world because they have so much love for you.
"everyone likes Spenser"
by ashleyash February 24, 2010
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a guy, who needs to get his priorities in check, because he can't seem to hold onto a girlfriend, because he lies, and he cheats, and is a sexter. he has alot of potential to be a good kid, but just can't get his head on straight to realize what he has.
For example, Spenser had a beautiful, wonderfully nice girlfriend, but couldn't hold on to her, because he is a cheater. This girlfriend does not deserve his bullcrap.
by ????????????????!!! November 25, 2010
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hottie who likes to call selmas ass beautiful :)
"Damn your ass was lookin beautiful today, Selma" -spenser
by sushiluver January 15, 2004
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a short wigga who gets all the ladies and can make everyone laugh. one time, he got three women pregnant in under 5 minutes, and still went on for 4 more hours. he can convince a white cop not to shoot him and out sass any black woman he sees or talks to, in fact, he has Oscars for his sass. he's high 9/10 of the time when he talks to people and always fails in hilarious ways.
person 1: who's the most gangsta wigga we know?
person 2: Spenser, of course!
by Jafreese February 04, 2015
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