A less serious and BETTER version of “on my momma
Not to be taken seriously…if it was taken seriously my mommy would have been dead for years
Dayton:YOOO cock tastes soooo good

Me:On my mommy

My mom: You are a disappointment to our entire bloodline

Me: On god gang, on my mommy! (OMM)
by On my mommy October 25, 2022
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Another way to irritate people on CoD online play that take it too seriously.
You: "Are you my mommy?"
Person you are annoying: "NO I'M NOT YOUR FUCKING MOMMY!!!"
You: "Are you sure?"
Person you are annoying: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"
You: "Ok.....Mommy"
Person you are annoying: "FUCK OFF!!!"
by Mr. Squang August 5, 2009
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The best insult in the world
“My mommy said I’m cooler
Bully: you nerd
Nerd: my mommy said I’m cooler
Bully:” weeeeeeh”
by Butterfly Warrior July 18, 2020
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sucking my mommy dick is when a step son sucks his trans step mommys dicky.
step son;hey mommy

mom; wanna suck my dick

step son; u got a dick🥵 oh yeah
sucking my mommy dick
by ik im weird March 1, 2022
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Something one of my discord friends said once.
----------August 8, 2020----------
Ywucki: I😜love❤️my🤞mommy👵yes😒I🤪DO😈🔥
by Withering April 19, 2022
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