Something that does not make sense
Wow, 99.9% of all the definitions on this website are incoherent
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 5, 2003
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The following passage is incoherent.

l0l0l0l n00b uvA t00k i bat u goo0td oolololol9o0podsfhjj and f0178|3h
d0n't sl323-0 int4w teh s|_|bw4iebiznatchlooolooooow00000000t
by aaronak November 4, 2004
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Does not make any sense what so ever, absolute nonsense.
N00000000BLOLOLOLOLOOL W0000T .. etc

this is incoherent
by YeahbutNobutyeah May 24, 2009
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Texts messages that don't make sense. Usually sent while drunk, high, hopped up on drugs, or a combination of all three.
Incoherent Babbling Text- Ex: You make boyz in the hood look like little rascals.
by drunkandstupid October 16, 2010
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"man, i hate that asshole bobby"
"yeah, he sure is an incoherent bastard, i couldn't understand what he was saying so he took my beer"
by slogathor April 1, 2009
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by toastedwater November 20, 2020
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Fgghjkop forofos sssi erodimos sillickikik en werthion der qawsedrftghvgfd.
After drinking 10 shots of tequila after losing a bet, Suzy was incoherent.
by Coryyyyy June 13, 2021
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