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1. To run away.
2. To flee.
3. To scramble as if you just robbed a bank.
by Slurm Addict April 04, 2003
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To run away from the scene of a crime/what you say when you're running away when you've done something wrong.
Mainly used by Bender in Futurama.
*after playing a prank on the Dean*
Bender: Cheese it!
by Fluffy_the_insane_kitten July 24, 2005
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One of the prevailing slang words of the working class culture of Lower Manhattan in the late 1840s and into the period of the American Civil War. They spoke a unique slang, with phrases such as "Hi-hi," "Lam him" and "Cheese it" all derived from Irish and Cokney slang.

Strong on Music: The New York Music Scene in the Days of George Templeton Strong. Volume I: Resonances, 1838-1849. The University of Chicago Press.
Lawrence, Vera Brodsky (1988).
by sno raven July 31, 2008
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1) to run away from a member of law enforcement or authority.

Derived from the jive talk word from the 50's era. First said in the movie West Side Story.
by Rachel Horowitz September 14, 2006
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to run away, to do one, usually from the constablary.
cheese it boys! its the rozzers
we absolutley cheesed it from those scabs last night
by je suis tomm June 16, 2008
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Cheese Its are a rare, priceless substance found only in red rectangular containers labeled "Get Your Own Box". Leading anthropologists believe this to be some kind of a warning of a curse or rather, a message saying that it's the property of someone else.
They are very tasty.
Friend: Hey can I have some of those Cheese its?
Me: No get your own damn box!
by Harpo Hugho Hageman November 05, 2006
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Line often uttered in early 1930's Hollywood gangster movies meant to "stop it" or "quit it" to cease whatever illegal activity prompts the command often when the police arrive.
Police siren. Hood to other hood: "Cheese it! The cops!!"
by boris lugosi September 30, 2004
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