1. To run away.
2. To flee.
3. To scramble as if you just robbed a bank.
by Slurm Addict April 4, 2003
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1) to run away from a member of law enforcement or authority.

Derived from the jive talk word from the 50's era. First said in the movie West Side Story.
by Rachel Horowitz September 14, 2006
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In the game Super Mario Maker (on Wii U), it means to beat a level or get past something difficult in an easier but unintended way.
Basically, an unintended shortcut.
I totally just cheesed that entire part with the saws and spikes! I wish I had known I could cheese it earlier.
by powderedtoast May 21, 2019
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is a simple cautionary expression that can be quickly & easily uttered under one's breath without pursing of the lips (in other words- it is possible to exclaim through the teeth with little movement of the jaw and mouth).. thus, an innocent smile may be seen maintained and unbroken on the face of a lookout as he or she directs accomplices to halt their actions- 'cheese it' is simply a warning to desist that can be spoken by a guard without giving himself away as an accomplice or drawing attention to the forbidden act at hand.
CHEESE IT! or cheese it! would not necessarily be used in a sentence unless in literature or in film and, then, only to better convey to the audience the reason for it's use. For instance- to say CHEESE IT! will suffice in common usage- adding "THE COPS!" is completely unnecessary.
by Red Iron Tool January 17, 2017
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a rare STD. commonly goes along with the SRD Gatorade
Dammit, Why didn't you tell me you had cheese its then i would have used a condom
by Desiree June 22, 2004
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