A movie made in 1961. It was the modern day Romeo and Juliet. The movie is set in the late 1950's on the streets of New York City. There are two street gangs that fight over turf in the area where the movie takes place, the Jets and the Sharks. The Jets are an all white gang, and the Sharks are a peurto rican gang. The Jets had fought away many over gangs over the years to keep their turf, and the peurto ricans moved to the united states and took their claim to it, so the two gangs are constinatly fighting over it. The Jet's leaders best friend gets Romantically involved with The Sharks leader's sister. The two fall in love, but can not live in peace for the gang rivalvry is driving them apart. At one point the two gang leaders engage in a knife fight and the Jet's leader is slain by the sharks leader (as mercutio is slain by tybalt in romeo and juliet) and the best friend kills the sharks leader in anger for the killing of his best friend (romeo slaying tybalt) and this causes more problems. In the end the two cannot be together with all the hatred and the boy is shot and killed, but all the deaths of both leaders and him caused the gangs to stop the fued.
by 1337 Fork February 14, 2006
West Side Story is a movie about the Sharks and the Jets, and because of its musicality, is often watched in music classes at school, specifically orchestra.
Person 1: Man I love west side story
Person 2: yeah! I like the Sharks
Person 1: I am in love with the Jets
Person 2: I love shark
by s:a)v August 3, 2015
Scenario wherein persons of opposite sexual orientations are secretly attracted to one another and carry on clandestine relations.
Often initiated by snapping of fingers, completely corny sing-alongs and organized dance; an awkward hookup session usually follows in a nearby stairwell or back alley.
Reggie: Yo Tony -- are you going West Side Story for James lately?
Tony: James... what a name...I feel pretty, oh so pretty! But don't fuckin tell anyone or there might be some gang wars.
by piinchiin June 11, 2013
A musical set in New York in which the 'Puerto Ricans' are just white people wearing brown foundation.
excerpt from west side story:

white guy: I hate the Puerto Ricans!
blond guy wearing lindsay lohan syndrome foundation: hola! we hate-o you white people! burrito!
by Angelacia May 27, 2007
When you're so giddy or excited that you start randomly dancing just like the characters from West Side Story while doing everyday things, such as walking to school, opening your locker, brushing your teeth, etc.
Person 1: Hey, why is that guy just randomly dancing?
Person 2: I don't know, he must have West Side Story Syndrome.
Person 1: Yeah, that must be it.
by #mexicanfood February 24, 2015