Line often uttered in early 1930's Hollywood gangster movies meant to "stop it" or "quit it" to cease whatever illegal activity prompts the command often when the police arrive.
Police siren. Hood to other hood: "Cheese it! The cops!!"
by boris lugosi September 30, 2004
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-to hastily depart
-from the verb "to cheese" upon something
by H.T.J September 30, 2004
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'Cheesing it' is what you do when you want to get the hell out of somewhere really fast. It's most often used after something is destroyed, someone is caught red-handed, or after somebody is killed.
Britany Spears: "I'm pregnant, Kevin!"
K-Fed's manager: "Cheese it!"


Stan: "Oh my God, you killed Kenny!"
Kyle: "Cheese it!"
by Comrade 47 February 27, 2008
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In the game Super Mario Maker (on Wii U), it means to beat a level or get past something difficult in an easier but unintended way.
Basically, an unintended shortcut.
I totally just cheesed that entire part with the saws and spikes! I wish I had known I could cheese it earlier.
via giphy
by powderedtoast May 21, 2019
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is a simple cautionary expression that can be quickly & easily uttered under one's breath without pursing of the lips (in other words- it is possible to exclaim through the teeth with little movement of the jaw and mouth).. thus, an innocent smile may be seen maintained and unbroken on the face of a lookout as he or she directs accomplices to halt their actions- 'cheese it' is simply a warning to desist that can be spoken by a guard without giving himself away as an accomplice or drawing attention to the forbidden act at hand.
CHEESE IT! or cheese it! would not necessarily be used in a sentence unless in literature or in film and, then, only to better convey to the audience the reason for it's use. For instance- to say CHEESE IT! will suffice in common usage- adding "THE COPS!" is completely unnecessary.
by Red Iron Tool January 17, 2017
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A stupid ass bitch who is ugly and will never be loved for who she is
Person 1: Look its the ugly girl cheese it's
Person 2 : Yeah she should die in a hole
by Iliketurtle69 November 17, 2018
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