Bob got a cease and desist order from Mac Donald's after they discovered he was calling his restaurant's burgers "Big Maks"
by Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve November 23, 2013
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A desi who makes special efforts to distance him/herself from other desis and tries too hard to fit with the US culture
Ameya: Dude, Balakrishna is so desist. He pretends to love Carrie Underwood, claims that he hates cricket and is going to change his name from Balakrishna Chinnaswamy to Bob Green.
by JagguDada May 20, 2010
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A desi who hates other desis for being a desi. A desi racist against other desi's.
Prasoon is such a fucking desist, listenig to heavy metal trash and dreaming of marrying an american hottie.
by Mudit September 02, 2004
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when a large corporation contacts you with the direct instructions to stop doing something and not do it again. generally because they have legal rights to object you are copying or distributing.
letters sent to and many other bit torrent sites hosting torrents of copyrighted material.
by bigposerhead February 07, 2005
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A legal term literally meaning, "stop what(ever) your doing and don't do it again." Hence, "cease" meaning to "stop," and "desist" meaning to "not do again in the future."

Usually used by a person or party against another person or party when they are doing something that they find: offensive, strange, violating, embarrassing, shady, etc.
cease and desist cease & desist back off stop cease desist legal
by xthomasbhx November 17, 2015
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Phase 2 of Cease and Desist. Summon your Troops to defeat the Infringer.
Disney, Nintendo, and other companies do a Siege and Desist to summon warriors to kill pirates and take their "booty".
by lolmaster444 August 11, 2018
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