7 definitions by Desiree

the biggest faggot who jacks off to japanese porn and likes the cock
I caught my brother jacking off, he was acting like a Beau Woodruff.
by Desiree December 15, 2003
a rare STD. commonly goes along with the SRD Gatorade
Dammit, Why didn't you tell me you had cheese its then i would have used a condom
by Desiree June 22, 2004
1)bad-ass, thinks they are tough
1)He thought he was a ruffneck but really he was a pansy.
by Desiree February 21, 2004
The person everyone loves to hate and never wants to become.
You're driving and get stuck in the middle of the intersection just as the light turns red. Now, because of you no one can get by. You have now become "That Guy".
by Desiree April 17, 2005
Sexy ass mofo, capable of workin a bitch till she passes out.
That guy is so ehssan, i want him to pound me through the ground.
by Desiree September 13, 2004
BoHO Chic: It's street fashion of The Village in NYC but coupled with Vintage and a little Hippie and Gypsy thrown in for that added touch. You know when you see it. It's got a 70's flair to it-very Retro.
Bo Ho Chic's best examples are: Sienna Miller and Johnny Depp's Vanessa.
by Desiree June 15, 2006
a sweet person who will go out of their way to make a girl smile, even if it is by just smiling himself.
He was such a Nicky Hayden; I can't wait to see him again.
by Desiree August 9, 2003