Mad or pissed off about something; really angry.
Person: Yo I lost my fuckin hat and now I'm cheesed
by pharcyd3 January 4, 2006
the act of getting screwed over and/or hurt in some way. Also used specifically as one type of cheese (cheddard, swissed, gorgonzolaed etc.)
I bought that girl mad drinks and danced with her all night. I thought I could take her home but she cheesed me and left with her boyfriend.
by CeeeFresh September 5, 2011
stoned to the point of stupifaction.
Bob: "What did you end up doing last night?"

George: "I just stayed in and got cheesed."
by Kelly Wright June 17, 2008
to erect on someone but it comes out chunky
“just cheesed on my prison guards so they’d let me loose”
by iwilleatyouup May 13, 2022
to have bent the rules of something in your favor, particularly a game
I cheesed my way through that call of duty modern warfare
by buzzgrant December 21, 2022
To annihilate or be annihilated in a extraordinarily crazy manner, via a video game.
Person:You got motha fuckin cheesed bitch!"
by arteryMASsMurda1 December 15, 2010