A stupid ass bitch who is ugly and will never be loved for who she is
Person 1: Look its the ugly girl cheese it's
Person 2 : Yeah she should die in a hole
by Iliketurtle69 November 17, 2018
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a rare STD. commonly goes along with the SRD Gatorade
Dammit, Why didn't you tell me you had cheese its then i would have used a condom
by Desiree June 22, 2004
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when you miss spell Cheez its and you look like a dumb ass in front of The Bois.
You "Hey do you guys want cheese its?"
friend "what's that?"
you "you know, the cheese crackers that you would eat as a kid in school"
friend "do you mean Cheez its you dumb fuck!?"
you "yes..."
friend "you fucking idiot"
by PainKiller011 October 05, 2020
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