Receiving oral sex with a block of swiss cheese around your cock.
The Packers just won, and your girlfriend asks you how to properly celebrate. You reply: "cheese head, please!"
by royals77 January 5, 2014
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The coolest person you will ever meet. Cheese head is a great friend and is certainly very hot.
marry me cheese head
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Two meanings:
1)When a girl or gay guy put cheese in his/her mouth with a hole just big enough for a dick to fit through, and then sucks of there man.
2) When a guy covers his dick with cheese and then gets head, also known as cheese job
Some cheese head would go great with this sandwich.
by Dk from LI April 27, 2006
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The nickname you give your uncircumcised friend who doesn't tend to shower all that well.
Hey man, have you seen Aidan?
You mean Cheese Head? I stopped hanging out with him, I couldn't get that cheese smell out of my nose for weeks!
by faggotycuck June 6, 2019
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