Only publicly owned team in the NFL or AFC, therefore the Peoples Team! Since all other teams are owned by rich assholes no other team in all American football can claim the same.
Green Bay Packers, 2011 Super Bowl Champions!!

When the Packers win America's People win!

God and Jesus Christ love the Packers!

The Packers have repaired the time space continuum!

The Packers colors are Green,Gold and Blaze Orange!

Packer football is the Supreme Diversion!

If you're not with the Packers you're with the Terrorists!
by HatchetmanII February 14, 2011
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A great team created in the early 20's. Have 12 straight winning seasons. Must I remind you that Favre has been with the Packers all those 12 seasons. People say the Cowboys are America's team, no offense, but I see more Packers fans than I do Cowboy fans. Therefore.... THE PACKERS ARE AMERICA'S TEAM. GO PACK GO!
The Packers find a way to win, even when they are trailing by two touchdowns in the 4th qaurter.
by Pack Fan December 13, 2004
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A football franchise that is maintained by the city they are from.
Now that's pride.
The Green Bay Packers are one of the best NFL franchises around.
by Fuckitall June 30, 2006
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An NFL team located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Their division is the NFC North. They have won three Super Bowls. Their current quarterback is Brett FAVRE (correct spelling).
The Packers play the Broncos this weekend.
by IsiMan84 May 25, 2005
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the packers are one of the best and consistant teams in the nfl. im just sick and tired of all the haters out there that say that they suck and they always choke. they actually have won more championships than any other team, and they have won more super bowls than most other the teams in the nfl. and for you people who say they always choke. ryan longwell has kicked 4 game winning field goals so far this season
hey look, the packers made the playoffs again
by im a DooD December 30, 2005
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A bad football team. The only thing that they have is Brett Farve and those chesehead fans.
A good football season is when the Packers don't make it all the way through the playoffs.
by jesster79 March 5, 2005
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The Packers are AMAZING, Brett Favre is a GENIUS, and anyone who tries to deny it is stupid.
Brett Favre plays for the Packers, the coolest team in the NFL.
by i love brett January 24, 2005
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