by RockyTurtle December 2, 2020
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Aidan is a very cute guy that loves to joke around but is serious in a relationship. He can tell you a million jokes but never truly explain how much he loves you. He has a hard time expressing himself to the one he loves but knows how to start a fire in your heart without truly trying. He can be awkward at times but really knows how to turn things around. He’s a great kisser and loves to cuddle though he doesn’t seem like he would like that type of stuff. He’s truly caring and loves dogs. If you ask for something he’s always going to get it for you no matter what the price is or how difficult it is to get it. He won’t send many pictures of himself because he doesn’t find himself attractive which can be annoying but, he’s a true gentleman if you really get to know him and knows how to charm his way into your heart. That’s what an Aidan is.
Bob:So how are you and Aidan doing?
Billie:Just amazing but he can be frustrating at times.
by Shane Dawson is life! February 23, 2019
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A kind and caring person but also a little agressive at times. Loves to do dumbshit whenever he can. Aidans are very energetic and and they are never tired. They like to play videogames and hang with there amigos. He also likes to joke around make fun even though he dont mean it.
Aidan was being crazy today. He crushed me in our 1v1 in videogames
by Deffinition 4 nerd May 30, 2019
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He is litty like a titty. An Aidan usually has an amazing sense of humor but He will also keep it real wit you. He just doesn’t have any fucks to spare. Believe it or not “Aidan” in Arabic actually means “Cock that dwarfs the earth” and this is shown by almost all Aidans have massive units. He is the most perfect human you can think of, period.
God I really wanna suck his cock!!!

Daaaamn he’s really good at fortnite!

Shiiit I wish I had an Aidan in my life “moaning noises”
by Diamond_Miner_94 January 24, 2019
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holy shit, i think i took aidans pencil by accident! Oh god, he's gonna smite your shit.
by fuck me god February 13, 2019
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A really nice guy who is always truthful and caring. His personality is always the best. He's always kind, and his smiles are always genuine. If he likes you, then you're a very lucky person.
Aidan means "little fire" or "fiery one" in Irish. He's very energetic and loves to play video games and swirl in his chair. He loves to listen to music and draws what he hears. He is a very awesome person.
As Aidan heard a remix of a song, he smiled wide, and the smile reached his eyes.
by Natalie Bates April 11, 2015
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