When something is absolute bull**** and dosent make sense of how it happened.
You: "well bro she was calling me daddy over Snapchat and telling me to cuddle with her. But then when I was with her she wouldn't even let a n**** get a peck before I left"
Bro: "damn man that's some cheese"
by Themaster696969 July 17, 2017
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That's some bullshit; ie that's not fair, that's not correct, that's not good, etc

Usually used when one is frustrated at something.
I got stuck in traffic for hours, that's some cheese!
by Anon. E. Moustache December 9, 2015
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When men pontificate their preference of sizzling intercourse whilst groping, savagely, the Clamburger, nothing satisfies better than when the feeling of thick phat cheese splooges, smothering her Punani.
Debbie kept begging for it so Herbert finally put some cheese on it. It took 2 days to clean up afterwards.
by Blackpanties August 24, 2021
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macin on ( hitting on) some attractive females.
bro 1-"hey man i saw you over there macin some cheese on those sexy females".

bro 2-" yea those bitches looked hungry for lovin, you know i had to mac some cheese"

bro 1- " they eat it up?"
bro2-" you know it!. they gobbled that shit up quick; i got all their numbers."
by verycheeesy November 30, 2009
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The less profane way of saying "put some cheese on that bitch". To make something better, as in putting a slice of cheese on a hamburger. To "do it up" in a celebratory manner.
James: "Wow! I can't believe he made that jump, and added a 360 spin."
Jesus: "He put some cheese on it!"
by Jerkoffjacklick September 6, 2016
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When you want cheese on your hamburger (or other food) so bad that you can hardly stand it!
McDonalds drive-thru girl: You want a big mac?
Person: Yeah but throw some cheese on it or I'll run the train on yo white ass!
by I love Chuck E Cheeses March 11, 2007
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the expression yelled prior to launching a rotten cheeseball out of a movie car, normally directed at a pedestrian
Dave yelled "Have some cheese" and then chucked a stanky cheeseball out of the car window, nailing a senior citizen on the head
by Phil H September 13, 2002
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