When a man puts his dick back into his pants to soon after taking a piss and therefore lets a few drips into his pants.
Godamnit i just retracted again
by Smig January 11, 2008
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When someone uses a verbal insult against another person you are to grab the wrist of that person slap their fore arm hard and yell RETRACT which means "take that back" in which the person says simply retract which forgives all things said
Nino is such a Rick (grab, slap) RETRACT!! I retract
by Bliton7 May 9, 2006
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A vagina that can go back to being tight after having an extremely large dick inside it.
by meeeehellluhhh October 21, 2008
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The idea that you earn some major points as a medical student if you do an exceptional job and remain utterly enthusiastic while performing a seemingly mundane task such as pulling back tissue in surgery for your attending doctor.
Student 1: "I can't believe Johnny got that residency spot. Must've been his positivie attitude and his efforts to do everything he could to help out his attendings in surgery."

Student 2: "Yeah, must've been a case of 'addition by retraction'."
by Krusty the Klown September 20, 2008
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retracted turtle- a fisting technique in which the whole fist is violently shoved into the anus, meant to look like a turtle in hiding

the opposite of a silent duck
"I heard the fat bulldyke gave Candice the retracted turtle," said Henry.

"The loose cunt probably couldn't feel it anyway," said Tom.
by drunkasswhore24 January 29, 2010
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A phrase used in response to somebody doing or saying something so unattractive, that the most mighty of erections would quickly shrivel to the size of an acorn. Very much like the head of a tortoise would retract within its shell.
"Dude, did you see Lucy eating that sausage and egg mcmuffin earlier?"
"Yeah man, she got mustard up her nose and proceeded to spoon it out and eat it, total retracting tortoise."
by Huuuuud April 22, 2012
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The involuntary retraction of the meat of the penis sometimes experienced during and/or after one enjoys a run of long distance; or in extreme conditions. This will often display itself in the form of an excessive presence of foreskin and as has been documented on many occasions an extreme pain experienced in the region of the gouch which can be aggrevated during an apres run shower.

The appearance is also know as 'the turtle neck', 'the flumrunner', 'the lost hot dog' and 'man down'


An inability to pee straight
A disproportionately large ratio of foreskin to penis
Chaffing around the gouch or, if circumcised, the bell end
Bleeding in the shower if excessive

Heat, through masturbation
Heat, through vagina
Heat, through fire
Definition of The Retraction / Retractaballs

"How far have you been today?" "Too far, I've got retractaballs..."

"Oooo, man, thats one hell of a retraction"

"Darren told me to take a look at his turtle neck the other day," "I wondered why...didn't expect him to start stretching his foreskin infront of me, though..."

"Shall we wake up your flumrunner"

"Who ate 'the last hot dog'..."

"Bravo One Two Zero, Over, We have a Man Down...Looks serious, emergency evac. needed."
by bigwillytom January 13, 2013
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