When someone is attractive or has an attitude.
Ooof he’s looking fine. Ooof what’s wrong with her.
by Pulido December 02, 2017
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when you mess up majorily.....YOUVE OOOFED
Timmy: I slept with your mom

Larry: Bro thats my Grandma

Timmy: OOOOF
by NICK GRR July 29, 2018
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1) the sound you make when climaxing all over a chick or dude. 2) Or also something you say to end an awkward silence.
1) Dude I yelled ooof when i came inside Becky last night.

2)Person1: Yeah about last

Person 2: Um Yeah about last night
Person 1: OOOF
by ZZtuschbag February 01, 2012
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ooof is an expression of pain. Originated from roblox and now is a meme.
I️ fell of my chair and screamed ooof
by big boi 179 May 08, 2018
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