The one airline in America with the best record for being on time and not losing luggage. The airline that delays and cancels flight less often than any other. Also the airline with the most friendly, helpful and pleasant customer service. And it is also the most profitable airline and one of the few that didn't milk bankruptcy protection, sticking it to people after bilking all of its creditors.
I had to fly to Phoenix. I took Southwest Airlines because I knew that they would be on time, unlike the others.
by PMax March 7, 2008
A bargain airline in the United States. Known for the bare essentials on their flights and they must be doing something right because they are the most profitable airline and have never had to file for bankruptcy. Part of the reason is because Southwest bought and stocked up on fuel reserves back in the 1980's when Jet fuel was a lot cheaper. They are also know NOT to charge you a ton of hidden fees. An example: allowing your first two checked bags to be free. There is also no first class or coach sections and there is NO assigned seating just boarding groups A, B, and C. Many US based companies prefer to send personal on domestic business trips VIA Southwest because of the amount of money they save, dis-spelling the "white trash" stereo type.
Self centered people cry about Southwest Airlines because they don't have TV's on their aircraft. I on the other hand am amazed that an airline can get me from Los Angels to West Palm Beach in roughly 5 hours without losing my luggage and at an amazing price. Thank you Southwest, YOU ROCK!
by don't worry 33 June 20, 2009
The crappiest airline in america. Refuses to install in-flight entertainment on planes that Delta Airlines is installing personal TV's on. Paying $200 round trip for a ticket on a crap airline with crap food and horrible service. There was an actual reality TV show that aired for a while that showed people getting mad at Southwest...Thats how messed up their airline is.
No movies, no power, nothing else besides pretzels and drinks - that's Southwest Airlines!
by anonymous snitch March 19, 2009