Secondary Screening Security Selectee at Airports. It means you have to go through extensive security because of pre-determined criteria.
I was SSSSed today because I bought a one-way ticket. Now I have to go through extra security.
by Mike March 16, 2005
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If it's printed in your boarding pass, expect to be royally screwed by the TSA.
Crap, I have to strip for free thanks to this SSSS.
by Random Shooting February 27, 2007
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Sassy, sweet, sexy, sleek
p1- Your so SSSS
p2- your so gay
by Gerald Corsbey1 May 1, 2019
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to shit, shower, shave and shmasturbate.
guy 1: im going to the movies tonight
guy 2: yeah me too but i gotta SSSS first
guy 1: whats ssss?
guy 2: shit shower shave and shmasturbate
by dare jar February 7, 2008
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ssss ggggg
by alexko April 28, 2021
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