1) Applying one's bare buttocks to the window of a moving car.

2) To depress one's unclothed posterior onto another's person. Usually done in a forceful manner.
The little punks in the car next to me gave me a pressed ham and I saw the kid's fruit salad.

While my girlfriend slept on the couch, I dropped my pants and gave her a pressed ham on her face.
by jamminjay October 18, 2002
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to brew one nasty ass fart and then pull down your pants and place your sweet ass on your friends face and let er rip.......
To initiate this friendship....I would like to offer you a pressed ham.....
by NJ April 27, 2003
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when you press your ass against glass, thus flattening it and giving it the appearance of pressed ham
I went up to my friend's house and gave his window pressed ham.
by Equinox_ October 16, 2008
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Mooning someone out the window, and pressing your ass cheeks against the glass.
Jimmy was looking at me from outside the window, so i showed him the pressed hams
by dixon maface May 31, 2003
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to press one's bare ass up against a window of sorts, often in a moving vehicle, for the purpose of displaying it to the unfortunate fellows on the other side of the window.
Every time we see a school bus on the road, we pass it and press ham.
by brandon hall November 30, 2005
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