1: A person unable and/or unqualified to carry out a specific task.
2: A person who is reckless in their behaviour.
Can also be used in a derogatory or humourous manner.
You would think that chancer would have hired a qualified engineer to fix that faulty electricity pylon.
by irritaant June 13, 2003
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British slang for a scheming opportunist. Usually, it means someone who acts "kind" and takes advantage of a situation and manipulates said individual(s), without their consent. And later exploits it for their own gain.

The American term is: opportunist or swooper
The Polish female immigrant chancer married the rich English noble in hoping that she would later rake in billions of his pounds. Then divorced him and took at least half of his money.

See: gold-digger
by Sturmgewehr Poltergeist June 23, 2016
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to release gas while taking the chance of soiling your pants
After eating taco bell he let out a chancer that stunk up the whole resturant and stayed close to the bathroom just in case.
by Roux, JD, ABF, Ian January 10, 2006
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a dude that attempts to fire an index finger up a girl's jacksie whilst enjoying carnal relations with her
"craig stewart is a fuckin' chancer, he tried to prod my tea-towel holder when he was hanging out me last night."
by frank pubes January 5, 2005
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Chancer: to push one's luck. To stay in the game a wee bit too long. To believe one is above repute. To annoy someone to the extent that they are bound to get a headbutt.
Mayday Malone, Haloween XIII(Thanksgiving), Survivor Antarctica, Keyshawn Johnson, Rob Johnson, Brad Johnson, People who say fo shizzle mo crepes. French people from France or Quebec and American's (generally)
by Jeremy November 27, 2003
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Our mate Noel Young from the pub..
"He's wearing that fake Armani again, Oh he's definately a chancer"
by MickyC February 15, 2005
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Pervy men that think are really hot, and try and hit on fit girls. most likely to be freaks, ganstars or disgusting builders. perve
by michelle S April 3, 2005
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