Whilst holding a stick, ''You wouldn't want that up your jacksie!!!''
by sickgtotheshizzleg December 6, 2005
Jacksie is Cockney Rhyming Slang.
It means backside, bottom, arse...
The word comes from : Jacksie = Jack and Danny = Fanny.
It's not a synonym for fanny though.
You can shove your Sony PSP right up your jacksie
by Argun August 4, 2006
a relationship that everyone wants; a relationship that lives on and on
wow, jacksie?! i want to be them.”
by u don’t know me okay September 5, 2019
2 Meanings

1. Lucky, very fortunate.
2. 19c slang for ass/anus.
by Clinton June 15, 2004
British slang for a bottom,anus,poo hole or other terminology for the passage that excrement leaves the body.
by Jacksieman July 1, 2022
To call someone jacksis, in other words: When someone gets fucked, or something unfortunate happens to them (like falling down the stairs and dislocating their arm), they got called jacksis.
by Jacksis December 31, 2021
A Jacksie is a person who can manoeuvre their penis down between their legs, curling it around and inserting it into their own anus. Essentially it's the act of fucking yourself
"oh man, did you see Phil put his dick in his own ass the other day?!"

"Yeh, he's such a dirty Jacksie"
by Julesyyyyy May 11, 2018