Adjective used as vocative to denote affection, either real of fake. Abbreviation of "primo carnal" which is first cousin in Spanish, to denote that you consider the other person as part of your close family.
YOU: ¿Quiubo, carnal?

YOUR BUDDY: Aquí no más, esperando a mi morra.
by TOTESDUMPKFE May 12, 2021
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Things related to the needs of the physical body rather than the spiritual body. 2. Of the flesh and physical world as in a desire for food, sexual gratification and material possessions.

Carnal is frequently used to describe sexual relations only e.g. carnal proclivities and carnal knowledge.
"Thirst is the greatest carnal desire, followed by hunger."
"A jury found him guilty of carnal knowledge with a minor."
by JoeMo January 22, 2006
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Mexican slang for "bro" or "my brother" just as Blacks use it to refer to someone who they feel a kinship to but not necessarely family.
Hey CARNAL lets crash that quinceañera and see whats up.
by screwyloui October 23, 2006
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what mexicans use to call their brother brother, not like black people use brother, but your blood brother.
that's my carnal over there with the big mole on his cheek.
by J. Aleman August 14, 2005
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Any vato your close to. Could be a brother, cousin, homie, uncle, anybody. For a female, its Carnala. Literally translate to "Brother"
Chuey: Were you from buster!
Manny: CV118 Pocos Pero Locos!
Casper: Its cool Chuey, he's mi carnale.
by 1Casper3 January 25, 2009
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Carnal= homie
CarnalES = multiple homies.
That chula banged all of the carnales.
by Kuzko November 25, 2004
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