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You get thrown under the bus when someone (usually a co-worker) reports some wrongdoing or slacking off to a superior or other influential person. Sometimes used with the suffix "Vrooooom!" to simulate the noise the bus would make as it passes by at a high rate of speed.
"Dicky George, I can't believe you just threw me under the bus."
by Jeremy October 30, 2002
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To totally get owned; to use construction tools(i.e. hammer) to beat someone up;
by Jeremy April 17, 2004
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Chicks who don't have their lisences or minta cars so they jus think they're the shyte riding round with guys who have both of the aformentioned. Usually of the skank variety.
"Dude look at that phat Rota!"
"Yeah shame about the car hoes in the back!"
by Jeremy June 03, 2004
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Chancer: to push one's luck. To stay in the game a wee bit too long. To believe one is above repute. To annoy someone to the extent that they are bound to get a headbutt.
Mayday Malone, Haloween XIII(Thanksgiving), Survivor Antarctica, Keyshawn Johnson, Rob Johnson, Brad Johnson, People who say fo shizzle mo crepes. French people from France or Quebec and American's (generally)
by Jeremy November 26, 2003
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Used to describe a motorcycle helemet. First heard in Vanilla Ices huge hit "Cool as Ice". It has since been used alot in California.
"Sup G check out my new Cheeky Bonks"
"Yo man, where your Cheeky Bonks be at?"
by Jeremy July 05, 2004
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Classic late 80s, early 90s sitcom.
"Saved By The Bell" helped me through puberty.
by Jeremy November 24, 2003
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