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Muckling is a random make out session with a stranger at a bar. Can be used as other parts of speech such as to muckle, muckled with so and so...
Damn did you see Scott he was so drunk he was muckling with another guy at the bar.
by Jeremy September 8, 2004
i can't drag you to the virus, but i can die trying, calling the truth science, born with two eyes on mt. zion, outside the chimes of thunder claps, glass and bomb sirens to unite us under government lies and cop tyrants, time find for gods the odds is i'mma die rhyming, demolishing islands of thoughts. faught for solomon's diamond, sought god for guidance, osiris out the catacombs lost in a fragile mindstate.
by Jeremy February 17, 2005
The exact definition isn't known, but it can be used to refer to someone of less superiority to the user.
Jimmy: Hey ... he is a goocher!

Frank: What's a "goocher", Jimmy?

Jimmy: I don't know ... but I think we have to kill him.
by Jeremy May 4, 2005
When a thought, idea, saying, or social happening occurs in your presence that you like, you can "Put it in your pocket," i.e. save it for later use. Customarily this expression is accompanied by a corresponding hand gesture of grabbing the occurence in question out of the air and putting it in your pocket (a shirt-breast pocket is preferred, though any pocket will do).
Jer: That's pretty beastly.
Neil: Beastly? That fucking awesome. I'm putting it in the pocket.
by Jeremy November 25, 2006