A set of words that means "a little bit"
Joe- Hey, did that steak give u heard burn?
Larry- Yeah a wee bit, but i'll be fine
by Dfrizzle June 23, 2006
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A teency little bit; common phrase said by Me!
There's just-a-wee-bit of time before Christmas break! I have just-a-wee-bit before I have to quit procrastinating...
by Jenni December 9, 2002
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a teeny tiny hair under the nostrils. seen on Adolf Hitler. who is by the way, STILL ALIVE, living in Cuba along with Tupac and Biggie.
Nazi 1: " Ooogash bileegin yencen!"
Hitler: " BLASHHG"
Nazi 1: " you have a wee bit stash"
Hitler: " tru dat nigga"
by j3vv41yf3 November 6, 2005
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A state of being of nearly insatiable hunger. Being a wee bit peckish might require more than six large fridges worth of food. After the blind rage the peckishness sends one into they'll likely fall into a food coma. Usually a human body is enough to quench the hunger of the victim.
Person A: Ayy bro, I'm feeling a wee bit peckish

Person B: *Begins running*
by Funny sandwich man August 30, 2022
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To have a tiny penis
“The girls said Ol’ Jimmy down the block was wee in the bits
by Pseudo Sue 89 January 4, 2018
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