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Tall muther fuker
Mike Cocat
by D-Boy March 08, 2003

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a beefy-fishy type smell accompanied by a loud obnoxious gust of air blown out of the girls b-ver after pulling out the boner.
she queefed so hard she knocked over the indica plants and the gank wilted the leaf.
by d-boy April 20, 2003

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a mini ween blown up with a cock pump
mikes 2 incher pumped up is 3incher
by d-boy April 20, 2003

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consumimg cannabis sativa by means of smoke.
wrestling is coming up soon it's about time to duff
by d-boy April 30, 2003

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when you accidentily put your finger in the girls butt-hole but intentionally smell the dungy.
i got stinky pinkied but wiped on that bitches couch.
by d-boy April 28, 2003

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candy wrappers, lint, and dried semen found in pubic hair adjacent to johnny midnite-glory hole......
by d-boy March 27, 2003

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kill ass weed from canada
what you smokin on? Some champagne.
by d-boy July 09, 2005

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