Legendary singer, actress and comedian known for her brassy singing, and her vibrant stage persona. Born in Hawaii, Bette went on to star in films such as The Rose, Beaches and The First Wives Club. Midler also conquered the music charts with "From a Distance" and "Wind Beneath My Wings".
I went to see Bette Midler in her Kiss My Brass concert last night.
by Jonnybooth March 15, 2007
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One of the guitars belonging to Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT, Bette is a USA Workshop Series 61 South. She's adored by the fans and was used in MGMT's first tour, which began in 2008. Bette was also used in the latter part of the 2010 Congratulations tour.
Fan 1: Look, it's Andrew and Bette Midler!
Fan 2: How attractive!
Fan 1: Yeah, and Andrew's looking nice too.
by ilovemusic:) November 4, 2010
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When performing oral sex, a man (or woman) spreads the vagina and proceeds to blow directly into it. Also known as the "Wind Beneath My Wings."
When he gave me the Bette Midler, I knew it was true love.
by Mark & Lindsey June 17, 2004
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Born 1 December 1945, Bette Midler is the most icnredible female singer/actress/comedienne/performer the world has known.
I would sell my Louis Vuitton collection for tickets to Bette Midler's concert.

Bette Midler is much better than Barbra Stresisand. And everybody knows it.
by cseim June 14, 2008
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The long form of the abbreviation BM as well as the proper euphemism for defecation.
Man, that burrito isn't sitting well...I really have to make a Bette Midler.
by Connor H. January 21, 2008
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Someone that looks pretty, cute, handsome or attractive "From a Distance" but as they get closer end up being unattractive.
Damn, who's that across the street. He's cute, he's coming our way. Oh wait, he's nasty... that's a Bette Midler, looked better "From A Distance."
by dk60610 May 21, 2009
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“The Bette Midler” - When you and your significant other are in the heat of the moment and he decides to go down on you and you queef in his face…more than once.
Girl 1: "Hey girl!"
Girl 2: "Hey, Whats up?"
Girl 1: "So, I gave Stanley a Bette Midler last night, He loved it!"
by XstoryX April 18, 2011
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