A group of gays that when observed, their Fabulousness cannot be denied.
Honey, that not just one or two queens, look at that group, stunning. That's a salon.
Jake pulled his mesh top over his head and left to meet the rest of his Salon before stunning all the boys at the club
by StrangerRanger May 9, 2020
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Slang term for Sierra Leone a country in West Africa where the war of the blood diamonds was faught.The patroitic name for Sierra Leoneans. Salone can be a noun,and an adjective as well. As a noun,it is a name of a place,and as an adjective,it qualifies a noun.
A place called Salone
I'm a Salone babe.
Kanye West's song Blood Diamonds(from Sierra Leone)
by Mariama August 7, 2007
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A beautiful person inside and out, A very pretty girl...... she'll ask for a lot but she pays you back in a........ never
Daaaammn look at that Salone!
by IUASHDF shdfgi asdfhwd fiud February 15, 2018
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1) A reference to "Salon Le Mesnil" - the quintessential Blanc de Blancs champagne, extremely mouth-filling and tremendously elegant, this champagne is known only to the most dedicated of amateurs. Widely regarded as the finest on earth - only a few mortals ever get to taste it. It only starts to excite collectors when it is over 25-35 years old.

2) A commercial premises offering hair and beauty treatment.
Thank goodness I don't have to suffer P-Diddy rapping about Salon.
by Dan Fox September 9, 2003
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Super nice and slightly emo girl obsessed with music and book/TV fandoms. That sounds kind of weird, but trust me, if you become best friends with her, she'll be the most caring, considerate and kind girl you can relate to and who will always be there during your hard times.
"Who's the best friend you've ever had?" "Oh, definitely Salone. She's awesome!"
by Im always right xoxo July 3, 2017
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the feeling one gets whilst realising during a haircut that the hairdresser is taking just a little too much off. Results in excess sweating and the desire to tell the hairdresser, but being too polite to do so.
"I was sitting at the salon and that hairdresser with the moustache just kept cutting.I was freakin' out she was giving me such bad salon anxiety"
by jokepoacher August 29, 2009
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A hair dressing establishment open to both men and women. Many of them are owned, managed and staffed by women. Some are owned by men and there are several chains some of which are owned by husband and wife partnerships. There may be special hours set aside for men only to go in for a trim or short back and sides.
I usually go to a unisex salon to have my beard trimmed
by Stias September 4, 2005
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