When someone refers to someone looking hot or looking sexy.
Shirley is lusty, I would like to fuck her!
by goldvl May 2, 2005
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ADV: when one is extremely horny and is willing to fuck anything with a pulse. Term is used only after one has been deprived of sex for over a 10 year period or after someone is cryogenically frozen for 4.5 years. In these extreme situations the reproductive organs have been so ignored and overlooked that sex is required for survival. Being Lusty is a survival method
Teddy: I've been very lusty lately
Joey: That's because your still a virgin at the age of 62.
by Tripod Salad February 22, 2005
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Somebody who drops drugs off for a dealer, usually isn't the brains of the outfit. Like his runner
"You know anybody who could find us some weed man?",
"Yeah, I think Jordan from school is a lusty now?".
by bracken December 26, 2014
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1)A boy or girl you lust over because one time or another something happened.

2)Similar to Cutty Buddy but way more benifits
This time me and my lusty buddy did it in the woods. He is way beter then my boyfriend.
by TutieB August 21, 2009
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consisting of two ladies, the lusty piles are a band of miscreance. they hail from the bowels of hell and are here to destroy all that is good and happy.
they sing about a stolen bicycle, which used to belong to satan. also, un-dead boyfriends are a popular choice for these two zombielike lovelies.
by piles of lust December 7, 2007
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A woman who leads a man to his physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial demise usually with a sexual act, and or desire.
Doug you see Tuzi lately? I think he got lead astray by that lusty siren! Now he has nothing
by XxdnycexX April 5, 2018
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Straddle your man (lying on his back) and slowly lower yourself onto his pelvis, sliding his penis inside you as you go. But rather than sitting down in a straddle position, raise yourself up off him in a squatting position. Put your hands on his thighs, stomach, rib cage or upper chest for support. Start by sliding yourself up and down his member by lifting your lower body up and down — a totally different motion than going forward and back like regular woman-on-top. Vary your pace, starting with some fast, teasingly shallow thrusts that touch only the tip of his penis, then move down into deep, slower thrusts that envelop him completely. The fabulous friction you'll create will give you the double bonus of amazing sensations all along the edge of your vaginal opening when you pump shallow and on your G-spot when you pump deep. And if you try leaning backward and resting your hands on his thighs and knees, the sensation will even spread to your clitoris — and the natural arching of your back will open up your body for him to fondle.
Lusty, Leapfrog Lusty Leapfrog
by renee999 September 8, 2008
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