Depression is often taken lightly, which often just makes someone who is suffering from it feel worse

The true weight of depression

Depression removes all of your interest in what you used to love, you gain no enjoyment from anything, this makes you feel sad, as you remember the time when you could enjoy stuff

Music just makes you reflect on life, making you feel worse

You feel that any food is wasted on you, or you eat too much, because you don't care about appearance

You can laugh but, something is missing, laughing doesn't make you feel good

You tend to sleep inconsistently, in fact I'm writing this now-- at 4:00am, I'll probably wake up at 3:00pm, another day wasted

You don't feel like talking

You have no energy to do anything

You are often alone, wondering the meaning of life

You feel insignificant

The worst part of depression in my opinion is not knowing what caused it and not knowing if you will get better

If someone tells you that they have depression, you must take it seriously, they really need your help

People do care about you, no matter what you think

There is hope, for an entire week, I enjoyed everything I used to, I couldn't stop smiling, it was the best feeling in the world, and after feeling that, I know it is possible to kick depression and live life

And If you have depression, I hope that you will try to get better, its not a case of not getting better, you just have to try
Person 1: Hi, How are you?
Person 2: I'm... okay, you?
Person 1: I'm good, but I can't tell that you're not, is something up?
Person 2: Well recently... I've been suffering from depression...
Person 1: ah, ok it sounded like something awful happened, don't worry it will pass
Person 1: We all have bad days
Person 2: *leaves chat, feeling like no one cares, and that no one understands them*

Depression is not something people can just snap out of, it holds on to someone tightly and is difficult to break free from
When talking to someone with major depression, you should treat it as if they were terminally ill, its often not too different if they are without hope
by LeviathanTS August 5, 2015
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When you've felt like the world has been against you for so long, that you've become numb to everything.
It's not a joke.
.... *that silence of depression*
by ImSmilingInside<3 March 23, 2012
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A place that can only be seen by those that have had their wings broken and have fallen below the clouds. The ground there is dark, and damp, and cold. The air there makes your mouth stick together like mud, making it physically hard to speak, and it freezes your bones, making it near impossible for them to move. The people that still live above the clouds call out to you, they say "don't sit around like that, can't you see how beautiful the sun is? Be grateful!" When they do not understand that you cannot see the sun, only the underside of the clouds. It is possible to get out of this place once you are there, many people just have to wait for their wings to heal, and then remember how to fly again to get into the sunlight. But many also rot like a sitting hen after their wings have healed, for they do not remember how to fly even if it is possible, or they get lost on their way up and decide it too scary, only to plummet down again. The only way back up from there is if someone who can fly decides to come down and carry you up, but it this world, that is one in a million.
"Depression is like a dark, ongoing tunnel. You just stop because you don't see the point when you can't see the light at the end."
by Macadamia Marshmallow April 2, 2013
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Depression is like drowning, except you can see everyone around you.
Depression is like screaming for help, but nobody hears or cares.
Depression is like a monster that will sneak up on you and swallow you whole.
I suffer depression, and I will fight for my life until either I or the monster consuming me wins.
by LittleMissSixx August 19, 2013
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When the whole world is one giant inside joke that you're not a part of.
by Interactive November 7, 2009
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The state of mind in which an individual might feel alone, helpless, inadequate, trapped, severely upset or rejected. Depression may also be accompanied by some form of self harm. Someone with depression may find it hard to talk about their feelings, even with their closest companions and family members, therefore they will put on a 'happy face' to mask their true feelings. Depression is usually first diagnosed after a traumatic event, such as a death of a loved one, or after a long period of holding in feelings.
Depression Poem

Light has gone away
Darkness fills me every day
Nothing more to say.
Today is the day
I put my plan into play
Do not want to stay.
I wake up in tears
Filled with a new set of fears
Angry, and still here.
by personised November 24, 2011
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For the people saying that people with depression will slit their wrists, have suicidal thoughts, and dress black, that may be true for some people but it's most definitely not for all.
Depression is also NOT a "side affect of being a teenager" I've met my fair share of teenagers who claim to be depressed but in all actuality they are just said that the boy they like didn't like them back. Teenagers, adults, and children can be depressed.

It is also not a joke, it's not something you can snap out of. Depression is a very real thing that hurts more than anything. It changes the way people live, they eat less, or more, they may gain or lose weight, they just don't have a reason, or can't seem to find a reason to smile. Crying sometimes is all that they can do, or lay in bed when they used to hang out with friends or do sports or anything. Depression is not a choice. Depression is real, and it is an indescribable feeling of sadness and emptiness and guilt. (Emo and depressed are not the same thing)
"why are you sad?"

"I don't know"
"It's okay you can tell me"
"I really don't know I just don't have a reason to smile right now"
"I guess.."
by Dragon buns March 13, 2016
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