Vickie's are beautiful people inside and out. They have a vibrant happy disposition. Vickie will laugh and enjoy life any time she has the chance. Vickie has a golden heart. She is firm with other people, yet would give them the shirt off of her back. Unfortunately her big heart comes with a price. Some will take advantage of her. Be wary of doing this because once you cross a Vickie, you will remember. She knows how to shut you out of her life and will do so with no problem.
Don't get on her bad side, she will pull a Vickie and you'll never hear from her again.
by Time4SumWupAzz March 25, 2015
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a person who knows how to fight, and shouldnt be messed with. the person doesnt need a older sister to help her bitch at someone else, a vickie can do it herself. should watch out for vickies
"oh a vickie is coming this way! everbody clear the area! im scared"
by icccccckievick July 11, 2008
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A beauty unlike no other. Her charm can compel anyone. When you think of someone as reliable and trustworthy as she is gorgeous you think of Vicky. She will always be there for you through thick and thin. She's all you need on life for support and comfort.
Look at that hottie! She is suc a Vicky!!😍
by Da B.E.A.S.T June 19, 2015
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a patient, incredibly brave individual who loves deeply and tries to spread enlightenment and harmony to a broken world.
Vicki is nailing her life but still makes time for you if you need her.
by Traava December 21, 2016
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A girl too perfect to describe.Cute and caring. One of the nicest people you'll meet.Always genuine and will try and help out if you're in need.She's beautiful, lovely body and lovely personality. Loves to party and have fun, and can always make you smile. You'll fall in love as soon as you meet her, but be careful because if you break her heart, she'll find it hard to forgive you.

A Vicky can be an amazing friend, she gets a long with nearly everyone; prefers guys to girls, but she'll be friends with anyone as long as they are nice to her.
Very sexual and flirty,will talk to a lot of guys but is very faithful if she's in a relationship.
She's wild, loud and outgoing but can sometimes be shy and quiet when she doesn't know what to say. Gets hurt easily because she trusts people too easily.
Tanned, Sassy, Cute, Long-ish hair, nice legs bum and boobs,beautiful eyes; she'll never admit she's gorgeous
She's perfect even with all her imperfections.
Trustworthy, dependable , convincing and credible.

You'll be lucky if you meet her, she's an angel from heaven and will light up your life in seconds.
A girl so amazing and incredible you'll be sorry if you let her go, so don't.

A great girl for a cute and easy-going relationship.
person1 "Dude who's that chick"
person2 "It's Vicky, we've been friends for time, I really trust her"
person1 "I think I'm in love...."

Person1 " Hey you with Vicky?"
Person2 "Yeah dude, she's the perfect girlfriend, our relationship is so easy"
by TheLadBible May 6, 2013
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Timmy: *breathes*
by Honeyktyu November 24, 2018
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Vicky's the sweetest person you will ever meet, she'll make your heart melt when you gaze into her eyes, when she smiles at you it's almost impossible to not smile back, everytime you think of her you'll smile like an idiot. Vicky will stand by you through it all and won't give up. Vicky can get scared sometimes with getting close and trusting but she's worth waiting for, she gives the most amazing cuddles and when you hold her hand you'll feel dizzy and your heart will race, she doubts herself but doesn't need to because she is the most beautiful person you'll hope to meet even if she doesn't think it, she's gorgeous inside and out from head to toe, caring and kind beyond compare and she'll be that person who you wondered how you lived all these years without, she's always there for others but not for herself, a very sarcastic person but in the funny way and you'll always laugh with her, she's great to mess around and have play fights with even if they end up in cuddles, she's such a cutie who you'll adore and cherish every moment with, your best friend who you can tell all your secrets to, you can trust her with your life. She has great music taste and being with her feels more natural than breathing, when your at your worst she'll make you smile, cheer you up and fix you if your broken, Vicky is extremely Ticklish but be careful as she's not in control of her limbs when she's being tickled so you will most probably get a kick to the face...
Aidan: "you could of had any guy out there whose more amazing and hotter than me....but you settled for me"
Vicky: "I'm so not settling...I reached out and got you"
Aidan: "your voice is my favourite sound, You are my one and only. you can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight"
by You'reInMyHeart19961996 December 16, 2013
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