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A German word commonly used by Americans (I.E. U2). Translates roughly to "attention!"
Achtung Baby would probably mean something like "check this out baby" to an english speaker.
by Turkey151 January 9, 2008
Used by the marijuana community as a way to descreetly describe smoking marijuana.
"I need to go home and indulge before i even think about dealing with this class."
by Turkey151 January 9, 2008
1.To give in someone else's needs or accept defeat.
2.An area used by someone who is inactive or reclusive, possibly a basement or computer room.
3.A term used to describe one of the more prominent male expressions of stress, especially in relationships in which he tries to isolate himself from whatever, or whoever has stressed him. Popularized by the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." by John Gray.
1."Hes totally gonna cave when i give him my sad puppy face."
2."As soon as he got home he retreated into his cave and i haven't seen him since."
3."I said something i shouldn't have and now hes doing the whole "cave" thing.
by Turkey151 January 9, 2008
1. A familiar way to reference to your, or someone elses son or younger male sibling.
2. A less obvious way of describing a gram or small amount of drugs.
"I took the little guy to a baseball game."
Person A:"What are you looking for?"
Person B:"Just a little guy tonight."
by Turkey151 January 9, 2008
(sounds like goal)
1. An offshoot of lol sometimes used to poke fun at someone who says lol too frequently, or to express more laughter than a traditional lol.
2. A verbal translation of the acronym lol. Sometimes used to poke fun at people who chat too much or use net speak irl.
WillyPete: hahah owned xgamer!
Xgamer:I freakin spilt coffee on my nuts right as you threw that grenade! LOL

Person A:"Dude i totally pwned like 100 newblies last night."
Person B:"O-M-G, LOAL!"
Person A:"...Shut up."

by Turkey151 January 9, 2008
When used in a multi-player game, "ghosted" is used to describe a confrontation in which you destroy another player flawlessly. (As if the player were not even there, or couldnt touch you at all.)
WillyPete:HAHA ez full hp ghosted noob
Xgamer:STFU i wasnt even trying.
by Turkey151 January 9, 2008
A slang term derived from another slang term for cocaine, "yay". Other commonly used slang terms for cocaine are:"Blow" "White" "ski" "ski trip" "snow" "powder" or, just touching one side of your nose and making a sniffing-noise.
by Turkey151 January 9, 2008