A person,thing or event to be held in high regard. From the meticulous treatment and devotional attention a feline bestowes on its hindquarters. Not in wide useage.
You look that good and can cook too? Damn if you ain't about the cats ass!
by numerator April 30, 2005
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An exclamation of sublime excellence.

Of Canadian origin, thought to be a crude derivative of the more common and acceptable expression, tits.
This is cats ass, man.
You're the cats ass.
by Diane November 26, 2003
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From the chopsui movie "drunken master". In the context of the movie to mean "your the best thing since sliced bread". See Bees Knees and Dogs Bollocks
Salvidor: "Hey guys I just bought over a case of beers"
Friend: "Gee Salvidor, you're the cat's ass"
by Senhor Salvidor Guido September 10, 2004
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When someone is grumpy and the screw up their lips really tightly so that their lips look like a cats ass. If they try to smile they can look like a scary cats ass with teeth.
He has a face like a cats ass
by Marcia Gallagher May 4, 2007
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To throw away money or to waste money. To buy sonthing You dont need, To ignorantly waste money.
Mike got paid on Friday and threw 250.00 up a CATS ASS on the Cherry master Machine.

My wife went to Wal-Mart and spent $50.00, She just Threw it up a cats ass.
by Kennith Curnutt August 9, 2006
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A niftyier way of saying cool, that is the shit, or this is wonderful. It is also used to say that someone or something is really clever or intelligent.
the guys at holybullshit.com are the cats ass.
by James Bourne February 21, 2004
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Being genrally awesome, something that is really, really sweet.

there are also varitions such as The Cat's Meow
person A: "Hey man look at this sweet new game"

person B: "WOW! that's the cat's ass!"
by FathaFunka June 30, 2010
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