A punk-reggae California oriented band, with an unbelievable amount of talent.
by Fiend March 5, 2003
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"let's listen to sublime, 'cuz they're great"
by IkeM October 9, 2003
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An incredible band that sounds like no other; instantly recognizable. They combine elements of reggae, punk, and ska, among others to create some great sounding songs (Date Rape, Wrong Way, Burritos, Santaria...)
by TylerDurden2001 May 3, 2003
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1 divine happiness
2 a band that gives me jus that
Sublime just makes me dance!!!!!

they FUCKIN ROCK*******
by Donna October 29, 2003
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Amazing band that managed to fuse punk, reggae, dub, and hip-hop. Possibly the best band to come out of the '90s. Brad Nowell, the band leader, was a lyrical and musical genius who tragically died of a heroin overdose shortly before the release of their seminal self-titled album in 1996.
Sublime? Yeah, they were great. Good smoking music. Loved 40 Oz. To Freedom and Robbin The Hood.
by Ben July 5, 2004
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the best of its kind; completely unique or inspiring

also the greatest band on the planet. if you dont know them, listen to them.
(see songs-dont push,romeo,40 oz to freedom, boss dj)
sublime is sublime to everything else
by Ryan February 8, 2004
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A punk, reggae, ska, rock, alternative, hip hop, dub, acoustic, garage, and surf band from Long Beach, CA. No one has ever been able to put their music into one genre or catagory. Sublime is the best band in the entire world; no one even comes close to them. Sublime consists of 3 members; Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson, and Bud Gaugh. (4 members if you include Lou Dog.) Some of my favorite Sublime songs are:::: Prophet, What Happened, Bad fish, Let's go get stoned, Farther I go, New Song, New Realization, Romeo, Get Out,Boss DJ, Wrong Way, All you need, 5446 That's my number/Ball and Chain, and Falling Idols. Every single Sublime song is amazing.
Sublime is key, and will always be key! Sublime truely is "sublime"
by 5446lbc December 1, 2006
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