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Describes the broadly left leaning 'media academia complex' in which Western Liberal democracy is steeped. In broad terms, the juxtaposition of cultural Marxism and what is seen as democracy's intrinsic tyranny where takers get to out vote makers.

It is a term coined by dark enlightenment bloggers and gaining increasingly widespread usage.
Since the Cathedral has ascended to global supremacy, it no longer has need for Founding Fathers, who awkwardly recall its parochial ancestry, and impede its transnational public relations. Rather, it seeks perpetual re-invigoration through their denigration. The phenomenon of the ‘New Atheism’, with its transparent progressive affiliations, attests abundantly to this. Paleo-puritanism must be derided in order for neo-puritanism to flourish – the meme is dead, long live the meme!
by Nick600 October 23, 2013
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