Formerly, a species of snake; now more commonly referred to as any individual whose devious and deceitful nature is readily apparent, and as a result, they can't follow the straight and narrow. Instead, they sidewind you! They can't be trusted as far as you can throw them, they perpetually prevaricate, are prone to larcenous activity, etc. In essence, they are "disingenuous disciples of duplicity."
Yet another term coined by V.R. of a regional northeastern supermarket chain.
The usage of this word amongst his peers beggars belief!
Hey, cousin...listen! The nickel-dickin' sidewinder in aisle 2 just stuffed a tenderloin down his, how we say, trousers. Brutal, baby, brutal!
Those who come across this site and read this, who work at this supermarket chain, will readily identify with this and laugh their arse off!
by weave July 15, 2003
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a Air - to - Air missile in the AIM-9 family. The AIM-9 Sidewinder is a short-range heat-seeking missile.
Slider 1 aquired a lock on the YAK-36 Forger and loosed a Sidewinder at him. The poor Russkie bastard never saw it comin.
by the_rhino December 01, 2003
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while drinking heavily at a function and having a normal conversation with someone, and then to randomly turn your head to the side gracefully and throw up. then you proceed to continue the conversation like it never happened.
holy shit! did you just see that over there, she totally pulled a sidewinder and no one even noticed! suave!
by kneecoal April 26, 2009
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The little off-shoot of pee that splits from the main stream of your pee.
1: Did you pee all over this floor?
2: Shit, it wasn't my fault. I had a really bad sidewinder.
by Loserino March 04, 2018
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when a guy has a boner but it sticks off to the side.
I was at the beach and i saw this guy with speedo and he had a crazy sidewinder.
by TickleMeElmo14 February 10, 2014
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Someone who occupies the public bathroom stall immediately next to you, even when there are many others available.
I was the only person in the airport bathroom, so I was taking a #2 when some Sidewinder decided they needed to use the stall right next to me.
by Myrtle Groggins March 10, 2010
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A penis that slants towards one side or another. Probably from excessive masturbation.
Yo Rafi, how big is your schlong?
It’s 6 inches normally, but since I developed a sidewinder, it’s 4.5.

Damn, that sucks, Olga must not like it.
by Timothy Vanscoy February 14, 2018
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