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1) pointlesswasteoftime.com => a site that sinks the gullible
2) kick-ass humour site for the ones that GET IT.
to the incredibly stupid, thick, and dull-witted: "IT'S SATIRE! YOU CANNOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! GODDAMN!"
by Davo July 5, 2004
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The pavement was covered in hockle
by Davo February 16, 2003
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1. Adj. Complete and utter.

2. Idiot, dick.
1. I don't like him much. He strikes me as a chutney fool.

2. What a chutney!
by Davo March 3, 2004
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1. A jock strap that is too tight to be allowed.

2. A jock strap that traces its origins to the numbchucks as street brawl weapons
1. The man's choke strap turned damp and scarlet after much strenuous exercise.

2. There were 3 guys in an alley way. One guy had a gun. One guy had a knife. They got their asses kicked by the guy with the choke strap.
by Davo April 9, 2004
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Cal State I Fucked Your Mom (UCLA as it is commonly known) has over 30,000 clowns currently working toward PhDs.
by Davo April 26, 2005
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vague word to describe anything or anyone that is mediocre to the n-th degree.
varied uses of the term include "very poor", "so poor", "fucking poor" etc.
Can be combined with other languages and with incorrect grammar.
"You are poor."
"He be poor."
"Je suis poor."
"How poor? SO POOR"
by Davo July 5, 2004
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A description of a toilet that has a lid that won't allow you to stand up and urinate because the lid keeps falling down, resulting in mess, annoyance, and possible dry-cleaning bills.
I just got caught by the penis fly trap upstairs; there's mess everywhere! It got my new jeans!
by Davo March 22, 2005
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