It is in reference to Otis Mathis, Chairman of the Detroit School Board, who was fondling his private parts for 20 minutes and then unzipped his pants while ejaculating in his "hanker'chief" while meeting with the Superintendent Teresa Gueyser.
"He pulled a Mathis" wile in the classrooom despite being ill discipline to maintain a focus on education and was anxious about taking a test he knew he would fail.
by Apres97 June 19, 2010
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meaning when a person gets scammed on hypixel through collat
Oh no! Incipe scammed DabmasteAOT! He pulled an incipe by incipe. Incipe gave him collat on hypixel and DabmasteAOT got scammed!
meaning when a person gets scammed on hypixel through collat
he pulled an incipe
by eeeeeudfsguifgsaiudfhif January 28, 2021
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If someone pulls the gun first and then you shoot and kill him
*Person pulls out gun to shoot you
* you pull out gun faster and shoot and kill him
*police ask you how and why'd you kill him
*your response "He pulled first"
by Justified12356 February 16, 2016
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When you kick someone in the balls while wearing Air Jordans.
Me: I will pull a Jordan
Them: No don't do it
Me: *Pulls a Jordan*
Their pride and joy *Dies*
Random dude: Wow, he pulled a Jordan!
by LividPlanets February 06, 2019
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One of the MOST annoying ICR user's out there, so annoying he has been defined!

Every time someone who is really annoying comes along, we tend to use this expression :)
User1 How do i do it?
User2 I already told u...
User1 Well tell me again
User2 NO, read what I said
User1 Shut up and tell me
User2 Wow, you're annoying
User3 Heh, he's pulling a killerman
by James A. Harvey September 21, 2007
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